Your music stories are unique and an important part of our shared history. 


What was your first concert? The Supremes? Sonny & Cher? The Go-gos? Who did you go with? Were you in marching band? Garage band? Choir or chorus?

How fun would it be to get together with your old friends that attended that first concert with you, your church choir from back in the day, or the brass section from your high school band?

Bring your bandmates or mates to the table and let's talk about your music and your lives.  Gather up to three other people and consider the stories you all have to tell -- about music in your school, your community, or your heritage.  Or keep it in the family and remember the day that your daughter came home SO EXCITED to tell you about this new band.... QUEEN! Haha. I could listen to Bruce Springsteen forever, re-living my 20s dancing and laughing and driving around in Old Orchard Beach, Maine -- not that we were listening to Bruce, but rather his songs tell the stories of my misspent youth, haha.  Motorcycles, big hair, short skirts, dancing, serial romances -- oh the 80s!  Tell about Sundays at the symphony in the park, uncle Lorenzo's barbershop quartet, or family karaoke... 

Let's get those stories recorded!


Let the conversation flow and memories flood back; or script the interview to avoid subjects that will derail the project; or do some combination of both.  Even folks with memory impairments can usually remember the music they grew up with.

I'll send you a survey to fill out in advance, so I can get a sense of what you'd like to be the focus of your time.  We'll talk as a group for 60 minutes. You'll each receive a copy of the recording with timestamped "podcast style" notes marking turns in the conversation. There will be LOTS, trust me!  $197

Or you can opt to receive a full word-searchable and timestamped transcription of our interview.  $277

Email me to set up a time to chat or to run an idea by me if you have something you're not sure about.  :)

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