Choose a photo that captures a tradition, a special moment, or a generation. 


Gather the folks in that photo to talk about, for example: what all the aunties remember about high school, or about Nanny's house. Or the best part of Seder, or when your Aunt and Uncle moved back from afar, or the day you were born. A pet that lived forever, that summer at band camp, the big family reunion, your first car -- that you still have -- the annual trip to the ocean, or the family homestead. 


We'll talk about the photo online as a group for 45 minutes.​

All three of us pictured below HAD this photo...

One Special Photo:

An Oral History Keepsake

...but we couldn't remember why we all kept it, where we were, or what the occasion was.


Our memories were "jogged" and so much information came tumbling out when we got together and the three of us started talking! 


The photo below shows my grad school friends and I talking about a photo we all have, but we knew little about -- until we got together!  We figured out the place, the exact date, the occasion ("oh yeah, it was the day after your surprise party at Amy's house! And that's why I came home from England early!"), and why I kept stealing that baseball cap with a D on it.  It all came flooding back. ​

Click this image to hear us figuring out the date and reason behind this photo. [under two minutes]

"I always held this photo very dear. But I never imagined how much it would come to life by talking about it. It was such an extraordinary gift to be able to reflect on where we were at that moment—both literally and figuratively. I also gained so much insight about myself, my path in life, and the way my experiences with my friends have shaped the person I have become. I came away from this experience with so much joy and hope." One Special Photo participant


1. Send me a photo that captures a tradition, a special moment, or a generation. 

2. Invite a special person, or a couple of other folks (up to 3), to talk about the photo. Grandparents, cousins, the old band, or special friends. We will meet online, so they can be anywhere.


-- Book a time to get everyone together.

-- Talk online for 45 minutes.

-- Record our video chat about the photo.

-- Compile everyone's comments.

-- Design a glossy keepsake emulsion print of the photo, annotated with your comments, greeting card-styled, and send it by mail. ​

The experience makes a great gift, or surprise someone with the finished product!

Choosing a photo

The One Special Photo process works for many different reasons, and can help you achieve a variety of goals:  


Recalling a bygone era

Reliving a fun time


Catching up

Identifying family photos

Tracing the path of a relationship

Looking at some of my family photos here gives you an instinctive reaction, and you can feel which photos would lend themselves to achieving the goals listed above.

You can, of course, also just jump in and talk, as my pals and I did in the example above, and just see what comes up.  We had some lovely unanticipated memories, surprise self-reflections, and inspired reconnections. 

Picking potatoes, 1960s

Raiding Mike's Garden, 2000s

Family reunion, 1980s

I nvest in your own history.

Or give it as a gift...   $247

One Special Photo

3-packs available for $697

To get the process started, reach out to me at: 

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