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When my kids had OT, I wanted the therapist to move in!  When moms get professional kid advice, they still implement it by themselves.  Experts give you the macro view -- info that you need -- but may not help you with the micro view -- implementation for your daily life, specific to your family.  I can give a template of what works for me, or I can work one-on-one to make it work for you.


Parenting is not what you expected, and how could it be? It’s so diverse!  Attachment parenting, free range kids, Dr. Spock, Dr. Sears, Alfie Kohn, Ellyn Satter, tiger mamas, geek dads… If the options seem too plentiful and still don’t fit, I hear you. And if your child has a diagnosis, that complicates whatever parenting theory you thought you'd use.

If you’re interested in getting parenting support, but not necessarily “going by the book,” I’m here for you.  

Whether it's helping you think through the beautiful and painful dilemmas of being a working mom or helping you learn how to juggle all the situations that make you anxious: feeding picky kids, successful family dinners, moving and changing schools, social issues, school issues, disciplinary issues, screens...


I can work with you and help you create from a loving, fun, and intuitive space. Let's laugh.

I offer a variety of one-one-one coaching packages where we can work together. If you want to have someone on your side as you navigate it all to parent with humor and love, let's talk.


Schedule your free 30-minute call to see if we're a good match.  Or if you know a mom who might be interested, or who might need some support, send her my way. 

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I don't have "the" solution; I have YOUR solution.

Moms are on the hook for so much! Manners, healthy eating, good school experiences, social skills. I help moms put structures in place that alleviate the hardest parts of parenting and give some shape to their family cultures. I free moms up to be themselves -- to be funner -- and funny. Let's #LetMomOffTheHook
With sensory, sensitive, anxious, or ASD kids, moms usually make and maintain the appointments, therapies, medications, and plans.  Pressure to "do it right" increases with any diagnosis; the fear and guilt increase too. You are CEO of helping this kid thrive.  You are a #Warriormama.  I am here to support you in that role, for an in-depth afternoon or ongoing for a few months..
I speak to mom groups and providers on long-term NICU stays; feeding picky, anxious, or sensory kids; and cultural pressures on moms.  

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Cultural educator & researcher.


I became a parent at age 39. Yup. 39. When my first child was born it was terrifying.  His first months were spent in Neonatal Intensive Care, then weeks in a transitional hospital before coming home with us, alive, fragile, with needs.


While other parents worried over which designer baby carrier to buy, we learned how to read heart monitor alarms and bathed him around his oxygen tube. This wasn’t what I'd imagined when I finally got pregnant.


Parenting is hard…but this was beyond regular hard. It was hard and wonderful and we learned a whole lot in the process.


He’s in middle school now and thriving. We got him there by figuring out the way to parent him, the way to be the parents he needed. Now I share that expertise with my clients. I want them and you to have support negotiating a flourishing path, too.


I teach parenting from a place of informed love. My clients are moms with an atypical or quirky kid -- with a or without a diagnosis -- with issues causing stress at home or at school. We implement the advice one gets from all these terribly qualified people.


In my coaching, I help parents feed picky kids, deal with changing schools, social issues, starting daycare, struggling to make friends. If you need more support from your school, or you want help developing an IEP, GIEP, or 504 plan, I help there, too. No more bubble wrapped kids and guilty parents.  Let’s put supports in place and teach them coping skills. Let’s get fun.


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