If you are a woman change-maker, I applaud you.  Are you a paradigm-shifter, empowerment coach, business strategist, or running a woman-led incubator? Great, the world needs you.


Iconic trailblazers, we're watching you. Rule-breakers, we love you. Glass-ceiling-shatterers, we have been waiting for you! Community-makers, biz whizzes, barrier-breakers, history-changers...

Go, do, rise, lead us! 


I know you want big things, and I want them for you. I want them for you, us --  the world.


I bet you have ways to measure your impact. Do you have ways to prolong your impact, record your impact, tell the real story of your impact? Do you have a plan to document your paradigm shift, the ways you've changed or contributed to history?

Will you be in the history books?

If you worked in corporate, or for non-profits, or in an educational or medical system, there is probably SOMEthing about you saved in those corporate or institutional archival collections. Once we break out of corporate and take the world by storm, there is no guarantee that our story will be saved.


Making an impact won’t LAST if you don’t save your story. I can help.


I do have to ask: are you planning for your legacy? Are you cleaning up behind yourself? What will happen to your papers, documents, etc.  One way to change history is by adding your story to it.  Add your story of development, change, and impact.


Testimonials & photos:

Let's build your professional archive.


My professional training and experience IS IN ARCHIVES and oral history. I also work with clients on building family trees, and the most powerful outcomes include oral history stories, your archival documents that back up or flesh out those stories (diaries, letters, media coverage, etc), and the family tree adds a facet about the people and circumstances that launched you.


I won’t just help you build your collection, I will help you place it in a historical repository for safekeeping, public access, and to ensure you're showing up in a way, and a place, that's  meaningful to you: 


Objjections: Time, Focus, Money

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