Parenting Picky Eaters Program: taking food struggles off the table.

Got a sensory- or oral-defensive kid?  Food-averse?  Would your kid rather not eat at all than eat something s/he doesn't like?  I hear you.  Let's take those struggles off the table.

My signature system will help you figure out:

What your kid is really eating -- it's never as bad as it feels.

Analyze their food intake using new criteria.

Learn lots of different ways to introduce foods to your fussy eater.

Get healthy foods into your kids without them even knowing... while you educate them on making healthy choices.

Build a family food culture of curiosity and fun that works with your family values.


As parent to two picky eaters, I know the agony of underweight kids, losing control over their diets as they go out in the world, changing tastebuds, sneaky kids, and the hopeless feeling of strolling through the grocery store ticking off all the things your kid will NOT eat.  And the mom guilt -- it's such a drag, but especially around food.  This course leads you through tracking what your child actually eats and looking for commonalities in rejected foods.  


Each week you will receive by email both a print and an audio version of the lesson, a worksheet to fill out, and a printable for your kid to color and hang as a reminder to stay on track.  Moms are busy!  With audio versions you can listen in the car, while walking, doing the dishes.  Or read it in print with a highlighter. 

Each module comes with its own "secret" Pinterest board of supporting ideas.  Each week we will check in by phone of skype and keep you on track.  And of course you can email me any time.

1.Track: It's not as bad as it feels!

To start, we collect the data that will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief. What are they eating? This feels so bad, but it never is as bad as it feels.  We will work together to generate a workable list of the foods your kid will eat.  Over the course of the week you'll observe and add anything to our list that we might have missed, with tools to walk you through it step by step. You'll get suggestions for who to ask for help -- it might not be who you think! If you want in-depth charts and longer data sampling, this module comes with a secret pinterest board loaded with all the charts and lists you could hope for.  :)


By the end of this module you will get a solid handle on what your kid will eat, and you will never get caught up in a shame spiral at the grocery store ever again!

2. Taste: Sneaky supplements and taste tests.

Learn to supplement the foods they already love the taste of, so that you are feeling better about their nutrition: superfoods, vegetables, proteins, fiber... we'll work together on getting it sorted out. You'll get recipes and my tried-and-true tips for getting kids to eat healthy foods.  And we will work on expanding their palates and teaching them to make healthy choices on their own about what and how much they eat -- with fun games and "scientific" taste tests, no matter what their age.

By the end of this module you will have solid practices in place to make sure your kids' nutrition has increased.  You'll also feel significant relief from food guilt.

3.  Talk: What are you Saying about Food?

We move on to talking about food and how to do that and to ask: What will they eat?   This week you'll work on changing the 'script' that you and your child have about food.  You'll learn the 4 words that derail dinner, re-work how you and your child discuss food, and be guided through making a list of food preparations, foods that your child likes in different ways and a list of foods your child wants to --  or is willing to -- try next.  Maybe you'll have a few suggestions for foods you can try out together.  And finally, you'll learn the phrase that will end struggles forever and how to adapt it to your family.  

By the end of this module you will feel the old dynamic of struggle around food start to change as you take control of the narrative around it.

4. Tradition: Food in the Family

Incorporate food into family life -- religious, ethnic, or family history, traditional activities, and socializing. Tell the stories of your Seder foods, your farming ancestors, or who gifted each kid a jar of dill pickles every year.  We engage our siblings, parents, cousins and explore our family history through food.  We establish new cultural traditions and/or introduce tried and true traditions.   Don't forget your family of choice!  Community events are great places to point out where you're participating in a friend's tradition or making up new ones, part of a hometown baked bean festival, or a big family reunion.


By the end of this module you will have a short food-focused family history to pass on to your child, including three generations of favorites!

5.  Teamwork: If you build it...

Get those kids involved!  This week will focus on assemble-it-yourself meals so that your kids can 'make' their own dinners with your guidance, and will share some ideas for the "when, how, and what" of having your kids cook one night a week.  Then we work as a team, getting their help in shopping, planning, preparation, and eating!  Team work! 


By the end of this module you will have help in the kitchen!  Your kids will feel more empowered to sniff, lick, taste, and will take more interest in their meals when they help with the planning and prep.

6. Teach: Food Adventures

Bring them in on our hunt for new flavors to love.  Spice groups -- what does Thai, Soul, Finnish, Creole, or French food taste like?  Together we will gather some suggestions for readings in history or geography that will lead to food experiments, depending on your child's age and interests. 

Try an array of food preparations to see if your wee one will eat some form of, say, peas. 

I'll send along some kitchen-based sensory, art, and basic chemistry experiments, art, and

Then we lead them, just as we exposed them to letters, colors, numbers, art.  We lead them to learn, to experiment, to explore, to trust themselves -- with food.  

By the end of this module you will lock down your shift from struggle to exploration.


I thank you for working to make family life better for your kids, and for YOU.  I'd like to reward you for the brave step of asking for help, and for trusting me with your stress. This program is designed to let mom off the hook.


  • My Top 3 Edible Tips for Picky Eaters: These fun snack activities will take your kids by surprise! :)  (valued at $19)

  • Secret Pinterest Boards: For course participants only, links to a board for each module with printable quotes, sneaky food recipes, and other supporting documents and ideas.  (valued at 47.00)

  • Food in kids' culture. Books, movies, and games involving food, printables to incorporate into your car travel, and suggestions on incorporating them into your food training. (valued at $47.00)

  • Brush-up audio.  A month after you finish, you will receive my 20-minute talk, and accompanying worksheet, on feeding the finicky that touches on most of the tips covered in weeks 3-6.  This recording comes with a companion printable that leads you through the activities, tools, and tips discussed in the talk, as well as offers you a place to write in other ideas that come to you as you listen. (valued at 97.00)

  • My 40 Innovative Lunches (valued at $17)

Eating is just part of a healthy relationship to food; together, we'll build a fun one!

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"I look[ed] at your handout and I LOVE it! It's very clear and ... useful with some information indicated and space for people to add more info. You did a great job on this. I love this kind of thing and it's great to see such a good one!  I will be sharing your info with our Occupational Therapist at the preschool who often helps our families with eating-related issues."

Deb C., Daycare Director, Syracuse, NY

"I have a child who is a very, very picky eater and is scared to try new things. And vegetables? Forget it! Well, over the the last month he has tried cottage cheese, pickles, soft tacos, raw carrots, mushrooms, and pineapple. SO happy!  Special thanks to Angela at Funnermother: Let's get fun! Who knows. Maybe I can get him to eat sushi with us by next year!"   

Jodi C., Monroeville, PA

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