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Guilt/Down Time/

Is being a mom harder than you thought? All the demands of work and family kicking your butt?

I’m offering support and coaching to overwhelmed moms – older moms, quirky kids, working moms, digital age kids…  I’ve been working privately with moms for years and now I’m “going public!” 

3 months of funner

We'll work together to:

   *Lay down your hardest questions, tangles, and everyday shenanigans

   *Map out all of your options around those issues

   *Brainstorm your next move

   *Get clarity about which direction to take

   *Strategize about systems that will manage the messiest parts of parenting

   *Implement change and the supports that will maintain it.


We'll start with an intake interview on paper so we can get started quickly with what's on your mind.

Then a followup chat the next day and one more a week later.  

Weekly 30-minute phone calls or skypes.

Weekly emails to follow up or check in.

Access to all my resources.

Peace of mind knowing you have someone in your corner.

With a 6-month commitment, you can pick your bonus!  Choose from one of my introductory level programs: Feeding the Finicky Course, Changing Schools Kit, or Curating Family Photos: Tips for Using Photos to Support your Family Culture (under construction).

Email me at: Funnermother@Yahoo.com




Let’s blend parenting styles to fit you and your family, sorting out the increased anxiety of parenting “these days:” kids starting daycare, struggling to make friends, anxiety and insomnia, focus, and coping skills.  


Let’s make it more fun. 

Let’s work to parent from a place of informed love, braiding together strategies that work, with compassion for your self.   

Let's talk.




day of funner


My special VIP day will help you:   

  • Get a handle on those screens.

  • Get the kids outside.

  • Connect even if you work all day.

  • Connect even if youre home all.day.every.day.

  • Less stress in the family as we put some simple systems in place that fit your style.

  • Incorporate and capitalize on fun activities.

  • Get ready for school vacations or back-to-school transitions.

Here are ways I can help you get organized and ready:

  • Time-chunking using SPORK: Screen time, Parent-led, Outside, Reading, Kid-led

  • Boost your kids’ independence and contributions to household chores.

  • What to do about boredom.

  • Connecting after work and school.

  • Snacking solutions.

  • Put some boundaries on all the friends traipsing through.

You'll get:

  • Four hours with me to lay out what your ideal schedule would look like, and time to work out how to get on track for that.

  • 30-minute follow up call a week later.

  • Final 30-minute stabilizing call a week after that.

  • A month of support by email.


  • Touchstones: A daily schedule to stick to, including activities, daily routines, chores, expectations.  A weekly schedule, including family game night, taco night, library day, or other ways to celebrate during the week.

  • Making a bucket list – for each kid or the family or both.

  • Memory-jogging printables to help everyone stay on track.

  • Bedtime routines to close the day on a good note.

Juicy Bonuses:

  • Two months of menus, 3 meals a day – use them for inspiration or scheduling.

  • Emergency List of School Break screen-free activities – over 40 ways to explore sound, paper, the grocery store, and more.

  • Forty innovative lunches to inspire new food adventures!

  • Customized digital contract to get you and your kids in agreement.

  • Family meditation to use at naptime, bedtime, or outside while looking at the clouds.

If you're not happy with your family's routine, let's set up a time for a free chat about solving this together. Email me at: Funnermother@Yahoo.com and we will chat.

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