Sometimes we just need a little help getting a handle on it all. If you don't see precisely what you want for assistance, email me at funnermother @ yahoo.  We can work out whatever you need.

Screen Time Consult


Hey, parents of plugged in kids!

Do you have these questions about screens and kids?

  • Are sensory kids at more risk for addiction?

  • What is the upside of technology with sensory/sensitive kids?

  • What is Snapchat?

  • Why is my kid on Instagram?

  • How much time should I allow?

  • Does my kid need a phone? Should she get one anyway?

  • Can I just say no?

  • Can I just trust my kid to handle it?


The digital terrain is changing quickly, and our kids are the primary users, customers, targets of that new environment.  I have found it overwhelming at times, and I bet you do, too.  But I'd love to help you sort out all the areas of concern, whether it's when to buy your kid a phone, how to put some limits around screen time, or what YOU should be doing with your kid's screens.

Let's skype! 

Email me at angela@angelaltodd.com to set up a time. 


During our hourlong consultation, we can talk about

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations.

  • Screens in schools.

  • Reality-based limit setting: time and content.

  • Parental controls.

  • Parents' changing roles: you can set limits and still be funner.

Bring your questions, and we'll spend an hour on the phone or on skype, and I'll follow up with you by email once a week for the next month.

Get settled and feel strong when the school year starts!


Contact me to schedule a free chat and see if this is for you:




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Moving & Changing Schools Kit:

12 Steps to Coach Kids Through the Transition


This easy self-directed program reduces the stress of a transition that effects the whole family.

This program's clear and doable printable twelve steps include exercises and tips to help you:

+Note details to clarify when you tell your children the news.

+Make a visual, age-appropriate timeline for your child so they can keep track easily and on their own.

+Help everyone process the feelings that come up around this big change so that the process goes more smoothly, with less stress.

+List all the things you CAN do before school starts, virtually and in "real life."

+Don't forget to celebrate it when it is accomplished! Maybe down time if the kids are older and have been working hard (laying on the beach, "wacky movie" marathon in your new home). Or, a fun day out if they're younger and have been waiting for your attention.  Either way, make a memory.

You'll also get:

+A printable listing agreement for your child to sign with you or your real estate agent, mapping out their responsibilities in keeping the house tidy. Yeah, really.  :)

+Printable kids' ice-breakers to role play and use at the bus stop, at lunch, or in a group setting -- being friendly without stepping into topics that separate cliques.

+Get the most out of the first School Open House -- usually later in the fall -- with a printable cheat sheet.

+Printable daily lunchbox notes, just clip & toss in a lunchbox.

+"My Happy Place" -- a nighttime meditation for anxious kids, both in audio and in text form to use whatever way is most convenient for your family.  This has been one of my most-appreciated bits, actually!









+Invitation to a secret Pinterest board chock full of: packing tips; lunch box notes, puzzles, optical illusions, or secret missions; lists of books about moving and back to school; a list of kids' movies about moving; fun calendar templates, and more.


+One-hour recorded Zoom call with me to strategize about special circumstances, special needs, pets, school choice, single parenting, or anything that is not covered by kit materials. $40

Just contact me to arrange it: Angela@angelaltodd.com


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